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“I'll be right there!” is not always possible but peace of mind is.

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Caregiving for a family member or friend isn't an easy task these days. Life's fast pace makes it harder to balance everyday commitments to work and family. You want to be there as much as possible, yet studies have shown that hour after hour of continuous caregiving can lead to exhaustion and depression - and actually jeopardizing the security of your loved one.

Today, family members aren't as likely to live nearby each other, so 'sharing the caring' can be more difficult. Plus, the cost of paying someone to watch your elderly parent, senior relative, or other loved one can really add up, even if it's only for a short time. A personal medical alarm system gives family and friends the peace of mind knowing that your aging parent or loved one will receive a quick response in a medical emergency.

Why Choose Columbia Medical Alarm?

Columbia Medical Alarm Inc. is a local company owned by Barbara Crawford. Formed in 1990, the company serves the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas. They offer the newest technology from Philips Lifeline the leader in the medical alarm industry. They also provide professional experience to assist seniors and their families select the best solution for 24/7 personal emergency response. When it comes to experience, capabilities and that special caring touch, no other medical alert service lives up to the reputation of genuine Lifeline and Columbia Medical Alarm. The Lifeline service costs a little more than a dollar a day, there are no hidden costs, no long-term contracts, no equipment to buy, all equipment is offered on a monthly service agreement, and you may discontinue Lifeline at any time.

What Services are Available?

Columbia Medical Alarm Inc. works directly with families and also with case managers and other organizations in the area. Columbia Medical Alarm has a dedicated staff and care team. Integrity and responsiveness are personal trademarks of the company. Columbia Medical Alarm Inc. carries the full line of Philips Lifeline medical alert products. Medical alarm products include personal emergency response systems, reminders and wellness checks, medication reminders and medication management systems. Call Columbia Medical Alarm at 503-626-1684 if you are considering any type of medical alert system.

Experienced Response Professionals

Lifeline has the largest and most experienced group of response professionals in the industry. With the simple press of a button, at any time of the day or night, you or your loved one is quickly connected with a highly trained Lifeline Personal Response Associate. The Associate quickly makes voice contact, reviews the individual's personal and medical profile, assesses the situation and then notifies the appropriate support and medical response team as required. Lifeline's Response Centers, with a staff of over 250 people, are simply the most capable and reliable facilities of their kind.

Columbia Medical Alarm, Inc. – 503-626-1684